Nessie Tea Club | English conversation


20’30 – 21’30 h


20’30 – 21’30h

Choose your level
A2-B1 | B2-C1

Enjoy a nice cup of tea
while speaking English

Habla inglés de forma amena y natural: Tertulias en un ambiente informal pero profesional, dirigidas por un profesor nativo y titulado.

Ven cuando quieras, sin ataduras ni compromisos de ningún tipo.

Programación por temas y niveles (A2-B1 y B2-C1).
Y por supuesto, en un entorno agradable, con servicio de té o café.

Las sesiones tienen una duración de 60 minutos. Máximo 7 participantes, por lo que es conveniente reservar con antelación.

Nessie Tea Club: English Conversation


Check out this month’s topics.

A2 – B1

Martes 6- Fashion. What´s in/ what´s out?
Martes13-  What´s your sport?
Martes 20- Easter holidays
3rd – Health and fitness (How important is a healthy lifestyle?)
10th – Employment (Dream jobs and dreadful jobs)
17th – Holidays (Summer holidays)
24th – Environment (Environmental issues)
8th – Lifestyle (Living happily ever after)
15th – Family and friends (Are friends really the family you choose?)
22nd – Education (Is adult learning a good thing?)
29th – Food and culture (Does what we eat make us who we are?)

B2 – C1

Jueves 1 – Best ways to study a language
Jueves 8- Living abroad- adapting to new surroundings
Jueves 15 – Emotional intelligence
Jueves 22 – Easter traditions
5th- Intelligence and Emotional intelligence (Are the two fixed?)
12th- Employment (Is work good for you or just a necessary evil?)
19th- Holidays (Is tourism beneficial for anyone?)
26th- Environment (Are some solutions to environmental issues really
solutions?) [I’m thinking of discussions like nuclear vs renewable
energy, de-extincion where animals are cloned such as the Iberian Ibex,
changing diets vs changing farming practice such as the removal of the
Amazon to grow soy to meet growing meat demand.]
3rd- Technology (Will automation be a problem?)
10th- Lifestyle (Is city living killing us?)
17th- Family and friends (How important are friendships and when should
they end?)
24th- Education (Is adult learning worthwhile?)